Frayser CDC

Our mission is to work with the community to provide improved housing and stimulate commercial and economic growth


Frayser Community Development Corporation

The CDC has been a community partner of Frayser for over a decade. The organization primary focuses are improving housing, and providing residence with counseling on home ownership and financial responsibility.

To date the organization has done 194 houses, have sold 98, and rents/leases another 96. The CDC has counseled over 2000 households in acquiring and maintaining home ownership.




3684 N. Watkins
Memphis, TN 38127




 Housing counseling

The CDC offers HUD approved counseling that helps residents deal with pre-purchase, foreclosure, and financial. Over 2000 households have been counseled in the CDC's tenure.

home buyer education (hbe)

Once a month a workshop is hosted at the CDC office to help inform individuals about buying their first home. 

homes (rent, lease, sale)

Frayser CDC offers an increasing portfolio of houses available for rent, lease, and purchase. To see our portfolio of whats available visit the Housing link in navigation.


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