Our Impact

Frayser CDC has grown – impacting housing values, home ownership rates, foreclosures and overall perceptions of the Frayser community.

Tipping Point Neighborhoods

Frayser CDC attacked a small area of Frayser with every tool available. Twenty five negligent property owners were sued using the TN Neighborhood Preservation Act. The CDC acquired and renovated 16 houses – spending a total of $1M. Investors followed the CDC into the neighborhood and renovated additional homes. The CDC analyzed the impact of this work on the City/County tax bases – the $1M investment resulted in increased surrounding property values of $6M.

Tipping Point Neighborhoods

Home Ownership Campaign

In March, 2017 the CDC set out to increase the number of home owners buying houses in the very affordable Frayser community. At that time, 90% of all purchasers were investor/landlords, many of them from out-of-state. The campaign was able to raise the average number owner-occupant purchases from 4 per month to 10 per month. Housing Prices in the last 20 months have risen at an annual rate of 25%. The average sale price -- $21,000 in 2009 – is up to $40,000 in 2018.  

Home Purchase Graph

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