Frayser Community Development Corporation



Frayser's History

Frayser is an old 1st-ring suburb of the city of Memphis. Incoporated in 1958, it is located on I-40 highway and is a 6-8 minute ride from Downtown Memphis.


The Frayser community’s median income, in 1970, was 110% of the area’s median.


The flight of the community’s industrial base, as well as changing residential demographics, has seen average household incomes remain stagnant, with a decline in relation to the Shelby County area to 58% in 2017. Homeownership rates fell, and crime rates and negative perceptions of public safety rose to alarming levels. A once thriving post-WW II suburb, Frayser has been the foreclosure capital of Tennessee; 38127 led all zip codes in the Memphis area every year from 2000-2015. The average house sells for about $34,000, down from a high of $47,600 in 2006, but above the $17,000 average of several years ago. At last count, there were 1,500 empty homes in Frayser—11%. Of late, however, vacancies have declined, home ownership rates risen, and housing sales prices increased significantly.

Its declining past economic status notwithstanding, the Frayser community has some very real strengths.

With a population of about 45,000, Frayser is an exceptionally large community that exhibits a great deal of civic pride. It contains numerous churches, schools and community-wide activities that sustain the area’s identity. Residents of Frayser love their community. With sprawl and fuel prices posing problems, the neighborhood’s strategic location near Downtown and Midtown bode well for future investments.