Frayser CDC Mission

To work with the community to provide improved housing and stimulate commercial and economic growth.

Frayser CDC works to bring investment, vitality, and pride back to the community of Frayser. The tools we use to accomplish that include:

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Frayser CDC Programs

Houses—for rent and sale:

  • We acquire blighted houses and fully renovate to provide safe affordable descent housing opportunities. We have completed over 190 houses in Frayser. We currently own 118 beautiful homes.

New Homes:

  • We will be building 10 new homes in  2018. This will allow the CDC to affect areas in which a lot of housing stock has been torn down.

Foreclosure Counseling:

  • We offer free  mortgage default and foreclosure prevention counseling. We preserve home ownership by assisting existing owners to stay in their homes.

Home Buyer Education:

  • We offer HUD certified Home Buyer Education classes. These classes assure that new buyers are informed.

Financial Literacy:

  • We conduct free trainings in financial planning, savings, and budgeting.

Commercial Revitalization:

  • The CDC has recently acquired and renovated 4 storefronts. We are working to acquire additional blighted commercial units.

Home Ownership Campaign:

  • In early 2017 the CDC kicked off a campaign to market the affordability all of the homes in 38127 to potential buyers, and to alter the ratio of owner occupants that purchase in Frayser.

Code Enforcement:

  • The CDC chairs the Frayser Police Joint Agency, working with agencies and residents to reduce blight and improve code enforcement implementation.  

Advocacy and Collaboration:

  • Housing alone will not change the direction of a community. Frayser CDC works to integrate its housing work and counseling with the other efforts in the community.